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    How to Recover from Burnout

    You wake up in the morning with constant fatigue, reaching for the snooze button just one more time. The day passes in a haze, with difficulty concentrating and a noted lack of motivation. Coming home at night finds you irritable with feelings of self-doubt and cynicism. Sleep is a distant memory as you toss and turn all night. The next day—rinse and repeat.

    Does this sound familiar? Everyone is affected by periods of stress. In fact, a little stress can be a good motivator. However, rising pressures faced by today’s top executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-ranking professionals are leading to a notable increase in burnout cases.

    In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised the frequency of burnout among global employees, declaring it an “occupational phenomenon” resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been managed successfully.

    If you work long hours, strive to achieve unattainable goals, and neglect self-care—you’re on a surefire path to burnout. 

    Burnout manifests as mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion due to unresolved, prolonged stress. Characterised by feelings of inefficacy, detachment, and fatigue, burnout severely impacts work performance and personal life. 

    If you’re suffering from burnout, it’s time to prioritise your physical and mental health. With therapeutic, healing strategies, it’s possible to recover from burnout and get back to a healthy relationship with yourself and your job.

    Burnout Recovery Strategies

    To fully recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again, you need to remove yourself from your everyday work environment, give yourself space for healing, and learn new ways of dealing with stress. 

    White River Manor treats burnout by healing your body, mind, and soul. By seeking support, you’re already heading in the right direction. It’s time to put yourself first.

    1. Get Professional Support

    Holistic treatment programs will help you manage stress and learn healthier ways of coping with the symptoms that lead to burnout. 

    Treatment for burnout at White River Manor might include a combination of evidence-based therapies and approaches such as:

    2. Prioritise Self-Care

    It’s all about you. This is your time to focus on your physical and mental well-being. Try to incorporate activities that promote relaxation and joy into your daily routine, such as:

    • Regular Physical Exercise: Have you been thinking about running a 5K or maybe even working your way up to a marathon? What about learning a new sport like pickleball? Perhaps you’ve always meant to do more yoga. Research shows that moving your body decreases stress levels and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Now is the perfect time to try something new and all about you.
    • New Activities: This is an excellent opportunity to introduce a new hobby. Learning something new can reignite your passion and provide a refreshing break from your work routine. It could be anything from creative arts to outdoor adventures or volunteer work. Just make it fun!
    • Healthy Nutrition: The food you eat significantly affects how you feel and your ability to handle stress. Avoiding processed foods, white carbohydrates, and refined sugar is crucial for managing mood and energy levels. Eating healthy honours your body and will help you cope under pressure.
    • Sufficient Sleep: Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep. How much are you getting? Good quality sleep can be established by creating a consistent bedtime routine, signalling to your body that it’s time to wind down and go to sleep. The proper diet and hydration levels significantly impact sleep quality. Calming activities like reading a book, journaling, listening to ambient music, or taking a warm bath with essential oils can also considerably improve your ability to relax and stay asleep.
    • Mindfulness and Meditation Practice: Many people recovering from burnout find that mindfulness and relaxation techniques can significantly help manage anxiety, stress and restlessness. Practices such as guided meditation, gentle yoga, or simple breathing exercises calm the mind and body, making it easier to manage stress levels.

    3. Set Healthy Boundaries

    Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life is one of the most important keys to recovering from burnout. Learning to say no (and stick to it) is necessary to help protect your energy, time, and physical and emotional well-being. You’ll become mentally stronger and much healthier by establishing specific work hours and taking regular breaks to disconnect and recharge.

    4. Reassess Goals and Expectations

    Reflect on your current goals and expectations, both personal and professional. Are they realistic and aligned with your values? You’re allowed to adjust them. Talk to your boss about your concerns and work together to make changes or solve problems. Advocate for yourself to reduce pressure and improve job satisfaction. You’re worth it.

    5.  Make a Gradual Return to Work

    White River Manor - Treatment in South Africa - Work-life Balance

    If possible, gradually reintegrate into work. Starting with a reduced workload or part-time hours can help manage stress levels as you adjust. When you do return, set realistic goals for what must be done. Find out what can wait; not everything is an emergency. If things at work aren’t likely to change, you may need to look for a job that is a healthier fit for you.

    White River Manor Can Help You Recover From Burnout

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by burnout or the struggle of juggling work and personal life, know that you’re not alone. Recovery from burnout is a serious matter. Developing self-care routines, setting clear boundaries, seeking professional support when feeling stressed, and engaging in activities that rejuvenate you outside of work are critical for maintaining a well-balanced life. 

    White River Manor provides the best executive burnout treatment in South Africa. We understand your career is one of the most important aspects of your life, but it should not come at the expense of your health or peace of mind. We can help you take proactive steps to realign your professional life with your personal health.

    At White River Manor, we offer our guests luxury accommodations with individual care and personalised burnout treatment programs. Our expert team, with extensive experience in addressing burnout, is acutely aware of the unique pressure top-tier professionals face.

    If you’d like to discuss our executive burnout treatment options and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.