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I’m impressed! Absolutely stunning! Accommodation is luxurious.

During a recent professional visit to White River Manor I was considerably impressed by all it had to offer, the staff, the programme and the entire set up. Staff were friendly with a ‘can-do’ attitude and described a tailored individualised approach to providing therapy programmes bespoke to a client’s needs. Whilst I had been aware of the addictions treatment I was pleased to hear therapy programmes which would suit executive professionals suffering from exhaustion, and burnout and patients presenting with depression or anxiety.

Most residential therapy facilities offer weekly 1:1 therapy except for the ultra high cost Swiss clinics but White River seem to be able to offer daily 1:1 therapy despite being a fraction of the cost of other units. The accommodation is best described as luxurious. I have visited several residential facilities and this was clearly the highest-standard suites and private lodges of anywhere offering group programmes. The setting of White River Manor is an oasis of calm and has the feel of a spa with pools and areas for relaxation and mindful reflection.

I encourage my patients to engage in physical exercise and to ‘get out there’ and this is also something well-provided here. In addition to the spa and gym, patients are taken out to walk with elephants, visit the nearby safari in Kruger National Park, mountain biking and even sky-diving! Their price-point is incredible and beats other offerings by miles whilst offering a high end luxury feel. I would never recommend somewhere without seeing first hand the place and it’s staff. Having been there I would consider White River Manor an excellent place for my patients to go especially for those who may wish to pursue inpatient treatment in the private sector but do not have health insurance of funds for UK treatment or those who would like their treatment to be in a tranquil setting in a warm climate.

Dr Az Hakeem - UK
Dr Phil Hopley - UK

Excellent clinical care

Excellent clinical care delivered by an outstanding team in a luxury setting at affordable prices. This is the benchmark for other residential addiction providers. Having seen the centre and programme first hand I can recommend it to my patients without hesitation.

Martijn - NL

White River Manor enriched my life

A beautiful accommodation, lovely people and outstanding therapy. Individual therapy and group sessions made it possible to solve my problems in a meaningful way. I would recommend White River Manor to anyone who suffers with substance abuse.

Milo - UK

What a beautiful place to recover!

A beautiful place with beautiful people. I couldn't have asked for better care. I am and will forever be eternally grateful. Thank you for helping me and supporting me, giving me the tools to turn my life around. What a beautiful place to recover!

Annie - UK

A very positive experience!

I have had a very positive experience during my 3 months at White River Manor. The varied nature of the therapeutic programme, and in particular the range of weekly one-on-one sessions, provided a learning experience far beyond what I had experinced in previous treatment centres. I greatly appreciated the bespoke approach, especially at my age and stage of life!

Emily - UK

I feel free and more peaceful

The depth of work I have done at White River Manor has felt to be more conclusive and thorough than that of 15+ years of therapy. I did not think it possible to get to a place in myself where I am excited by what my fuure may hold, where I am not drowning in fear. I feel free and more peaceful. I have learned to engage with the world how it is, rather than how I wish it were. I have learned to take responsibility for myself, and better understand where this responsibility ends. I will never forget the White River Manor team, or the 3 months I have spent here as it has been life changing for me - Thank you!

Craig - RSA

A very positive experience!

White River Manor is a wonderfully balanced rehab facility. In balanced, I mean that the facilities, food, recreational, on-site and off-site amenities and experiences are fully balanced with therapy sessions of the finest. The balance between the voluntary group sessions and private consultations ensures an all-round therapeutic experience which has given me great confidence for the recovery process that awaits me.

Karen - RSA

Excellent Therapists

The visit at White River Manor ; especially the excellent therapists has benefited me greatly. I have found so much help in dealing with things complicating my life,  unnecessary.

Susan - USA

Life changing journey

Would recommend White River Manor to anyone looking for a holistic approach to recovery. Every aspects of wellness is addressed. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this life changing journey.

Sean - NL

The best approach

The people, Counsellors and staff are amazing and are able to help in different and kind ways. Being human to humans is the best approach.

Mark - RSA

Very good experience

Very good experience. Reception Staff, nursing staff, therapist, food and service staff are all of a high quality.

Adam - CA

Experience of a lifetime

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! My month spent at the Manor is the best gift I have ever given myself. I have received lessons and tools that will last a lifetime. I leave here with gratitude.

Andy - UK

First class therapy

White River Manor has been more than recovery - It’s been a once in a life time experience. I am totally empowered and grounded enough to go forward in life happy, healthy and substance free.

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