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Founded on excellence

Surrounded by majestic beauty in the heart of the stunning African bushveld, White River Manor provides the perfect tranquil environment for discerning individuals seeking professional help for addiction, trauma and burnout. With decades of professional experience in addiction and wellness treatment, the Manor was founded in 2015 with passion and purpose. This classic country hotel - a stately heritage home nestled in a 100-year old lush garden - was soon transformed into a world-class facility offering luxury accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated commitment to your recovery.

Jerry, Jeanine and Giles started White River Manor with the vision of creating a world class treatment programme set in a unique five star facility. With the core values of treating our clients with dignity and respect and catering to their needs we set out to offer our clients a therapeutic process that we believe is a “life changing experience”. We are proud of what we have established and we continue to seek out the very best to continually improve and remain at the forefront.

Founders of White River Manor

Therapuetic Director Co-Owner

Jeanine Fourie

Director Co-Owner Co-Founder

Giles Fourie


Jerry Hartless

Multi-professional team

Meet the multi-professional world class team at White River Manor. With decades of experience and a vast knowledge in the field of restoration/wellness, addiction and dual diagnosis the team at White River Manor are equipped to assist our clients gain the breakthrough that they need.

Head Therapist

Dr Magda Rall

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Clinical Psychologist

Lindsey Hyson

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Clinical Psychologist

Nicola Munro

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Featured Testimonial

During a recent professional visit to White River Manor I was considerably impressed by all it had to offer, the staff, the programme and the entire set up. Staff were friendly with a ‘can-do’ attitude and described a tailored individualised approach to providing therapy programmes bespoke to a client’s needs. Whilst I had been aware of the addictions treatment I was pleased to hear therapy programmes which would suit executive professionals suffering from exhaustion, and burnout and patients presenting with depression or anxiety.

Dr Az Hakeem - UK

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We have an exclusive range of private rooms available to meet the needs of our executive clientele. Our motivation is to take care of our clients and to ensure their comfort and wellbeing throughout their recovery journey with us.

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