White River Manor is open during lockdown in South Africa

White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.


    Prices and Accommodation

    We have specialised treatment for alcohol and substance-related issues and have assisted many clients to a place of freedom. As a dual diagnosis centre, we help clients who suffer from various dependencies, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and other related co-morbid conditions.

    Our approach is holistic. We look at each aspect of our client’s issues independently, which we find is the key to a successful restoration process. We have a maximum of twenty clients at any time, allowing the team the time required to develop and work through an individualised treatment plan.

    We have a wide range of clients of all ages from all over the world, which creates a unique atmosphere. We do our utmost to make the intensive restoration Program interactive and enjoyable with weekly excursions in and around this beautiful part of the world. We work with each client to structure their time here to suit their needs at the pace that they are comfortable with.

    We have a dynamic team of professionals that are highly skilled and passionate about helping people. Our Program is individualised, and we tailor each client’s process according to their needs. Together with a very structured and intensive Program, it allows individuals to grow and develop through exposure to the realities of life in a safe environment. We present daily group therapy as well as up to one private individual session a day, which allows our clients the ability to have continuity with their therapists and provides the platform for healing and change in their lives. Our goal is to make each client’s restoration process a life-changing experience.

    The Presidential Suite

    The most luxurious room we have available at White River Manor. Immerse yourself in our Presidential Suite which has a large open plan lounge with a study and daybed. Stunning bedroom overlooking a heated pool and expansive lawns. Outdoor shower, expansive pool deck and private outdoor fireplace. Beautifully decorated to create a luxurious and comfortable private space to find the ultimate restoration.

    Living Space: 99.5 m² | Deck: 70 m² | Total: 169.5m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $41,500.00 €38,500.00 £33,500.00 R279,350.00

    The Royal Suite

    A new addition to the White River Manors stunning collection, The Royal Suite is a luxuriously equipped suite with a private courtyard, plunge pool and a stunning deck overlooking the lovely surrounding gardens. The Royal Suite boasts a large beautifully equipped bathroom and an outdoor shower to relax and enjoy the natural surrounds.

    Living Space: 51.2 m² | Deck: 72m² | Total: 123.2 m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $36,500.00 €33,900.00 £29,500.00 R237,500.00
    Manor Suite - General View

    The Manor Suite

    Our most luxurious private open-plan villa with a private bathroom, private garden with plunge pool, flat-screen TV with satellite and outdoor shower.

    Living Space: 40 m² | Courtyard: 78m² | Veranda: 9.6 m² | Total: 118 m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $32,945.00 €29,645.00 £27,005.00 R214,445.00
    VIP Suite - Luminous corner

    The VIP Suite

    Luxurious accommodation with a bedroom and attached lounge that has a fireplace. Private bathroom, outdoor shower, flat-screen TV with satellite and views of magnificent and tranquil gardens.

    Living Space: 65 m² | Veranda: 12 m² | Total: 77 m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $20,845.00 €19,030.00 £17,248.00 R116,545.00
    Private Executive Villas Room - Armchairs

    Private Executive Villas

    Luxurious rooms with en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen TV with satellite, private outdoor showers, and patios that overlook citrus orchards or pine forests.

    Living Space: 50 m² | Veranda: 12 m² | Total: 62 m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $18,645.00 €17,017.00 £15,422.00 R108,845.00
    Private Standard Room - bed

    Standard Private

    Spacious and comfortable room with a private bathroom.

    Living Space: 35 m² | Outside Sitting: 8 m² | Total: 43.5 m²

    Pricing for 28 days – Exclusive of 15% VAT
    $15,125.00 €13,805.00 £12,518.00 R94,500.00

    All room rates include:

    A full leisure package includes 2 x adventure activities and 2 x spa treatments.

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    Transport Services - White River Manor

    Transport services

    We have a complimentary luxury pick-up from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, or a special transfer from Johannesburg International Airport can be arranged.

    Suite Patio - White River Manor

    White River Manor, the ultimate recovery destination

    If our Wellness Program sounds exactly what your body and mind need to shake off burnout and get back to your old self, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    We’re here and ready to help you restore your energy, purpose, and motivation, fully prepared to return to your old life, and equipped with all the tools you need to stay on the right track for the long term.