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Through mixed therapeutic methods, a strategic approach, and decades of experienced staff the client will have the setting, resources, and tools necessary for a successful recovery. When the client leaves White River Manor they will be restored and refreshed for their life’s new beginning.


White River Manor draws clients from around the globe due to it’s 5-star world-class accommodations. Luxury is an essential component to the daily restoration experience. White River Manor is committed to providing the best for the client. As White River Manor provides the best for the client it is believed that the client will put their best into their recovery.


White River Manor understands the meaning of privacy. All client experiences at the rehabilitation centre are kept confidential. In the program the client is welcome to participate and disclose as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. White River Manor believes that privacy contributes to creating a safe environment for the client.


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White River Manor Luxury Rehab Review

Best International 5-Star Luxury Rehab in the World.

If you are seeking help for your addiction and considering booking into an executive treatment centre which specialises in alcohol and drug addiction; there are a few good reasons why you should consider a luxury rehab facility. Ideal 5-star luxury rehab for the professional executive businessman who still needs to run its day to day business from the facility. We are ideally located in sunny South Africa with the best all-round weather in the world. South Africa‘s number 1 Drug Rehab.

The question often asked is whether the luxurious features of an executive addiction treatment centre offer anything more than comfort and exclusivity to the recovery process. The high price tag and 5-star luxury trappings often create the impression luxury recovery retreats are nothing more than glorified wellness centres.

Is a top international treatment centre worth the price you pay and can you trust the people who run them with your life? It depends; what do you need and how much are you prepared to commit to your recovery process? #1 Substance abuse and recovery centre for teens and adults. 

You get away from it all at our South African Rehab Centre. 

An executive treatment centre for professionals with all the luxury trappings of a 5-star destination may appear to be more like a wellness retreat than a hardcore addiction treatment centre but often what discerning people need who are successful on most fronts of their life except where addiction drags them down; is the opportunity to get away from it all.

Unique experiences are a drawcard to many of the best international rehab centres located in foreign countries such as South Africa and Thailand. Interesting excursions to wildlife and cultural destinations may be viewed as “nice to have” but they do play a vital role in helping take a client’s mind off their troubles and restoring balance in their lives.

One of the more successful approaches to treating high-end clientele is allowing them the freedom and flexibility to stay connected to their business, family and friends; unless one or all of these components act as triggers to relapsing back into addiction.

Clients who can afford the best international luxury rehab facilities don’t want to be dictated to in terms of what they can or can’t do and don’t respond well to being “cocooned” or isolated from the world. Allowing them to stay connected keeps the recovery process “real” and facilitates a smooth and effective transition back to their new life.

We are globally renowned as the following :

Addiction Recovery Retreat
Confidential Recovery
Executive Clinic
Luxury Treatment Centre
Private Rehab
Sex Addiction Rehab

You get individual attention

Luxury rehab centres generally limit the number of clients it accommodates and has a good client-to-patient ratio which means you receive personal and individualised attention.

From the moment you walk into a top international rehab facility, you are made to feel safe, unjudged and supported. Whether you are speaking to a counsellor in a one-on-one session or sharing experiences in a small, intimate group; you’re guaranteed undivided attention and support where the priority is on increasing your sense of self-worth and finding balance in your life.

Your recovery process will take time and money but the immediate benefits of a rehab facility for business professionals make it a worthwhile option.

Your purge your system of toxic substances

Generally, a medically-facilitated detox is the first step in the treatment programme at a luxury rehab facility. Under no circumstances should you undergo an alcohol or drug detox without medical assistance. Professionals at luxury treatment centres who specialise in alcohol and drug addiction have the knowledge and expertise to transition you safely from detox to your treatment programme.

Many people assume that an unassisted substance detox is perfectly safe but they’re wrong. Dangerously wrong! Each year, unassisted alcohol and drug detoxifications claim literally hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

This is because alcohol and drugs disturb the natural flow of neurotransmitters within your brain (known as GABA receptors). When you stop drinking or using drugs without medical supervision, your brain chemistry spirals out of control and this spiral can result in withdrawal symptoms which are potentially fatal.

International treatment centres ensure you undergo detoxification in a safe and controlled environment; where you are given medication which prevents the rise of withdrawal symptoms and closely monitored for alcohol- and drug-related withdrawal symptoms.

During a medically-assisted detox, the medication slows down the speed in which chemicals in your brain return to pre-addiction levels. Usually, this is achieved through the use of benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines are a class of drug and they affect the brain in much the same way alcohol and drugs do. Your dosage of benzodiazepine is slowly reduced over the course of your detox. Benzodiazepines pose a risk of addiction and for this reason, you’re given a slow-acting benzodiazepine with low abuse potential.

Source: Rehab4Alcoholism https://www.rehab4alcoholism.com/can-home-detox-alcohol-kill

You receive specialised treatment

Luxury recovery centres do not follow a “one size fits all approach” and offer bespoke treatment programmes modified to your individual needs and circumstances. Individual and group therapy is supported by a team of professionals with vast experience in the field of addiction.

A top international rehab facility will follow a holistic programme with an emphasis on physical, mental and spiritual healing; underpinned by advanced knowledge in universal findings in scientific and natural treatment methodologies which lead to successful recovery.

You get fit and healthy

Exercise and a healthy eating regime is usually a key driver in the treatment approach in luxury rehab centres. This stems from the belief that fitness and good health are the primary building blocks for a new life free of substance abuse and destructive behaviour patterns.

If you feel guilty treating yourself to a luxury stay at an executive treatment centre where you’re provided with three delicious meals a day and spend hours walking, fishing or going on a safari tour of the Kruger National Park; think about how important that “me time” is for your recovery and how important your recovery is to family, friends and business colleagues who have endured years of their own suffering watching you slowly destroy your life.

We have representation in South Africa, Canada,United States of America ( USA ) , Netherlands, United Kingdom ( UK )

You choose to get better

Addiction treatment centres for professionals don’t follow the lock-down, boot camp approach. You make a conscious choice to seek help with addiction and how much you put into your recovery process and how much you get out of all the help you receive; depends entirely on you.

The treatment philosophy at luxury rehab centres has moved towards a holistic, therapeutic approach which incorporates a number of recovery elements. These include music and art therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamics and therapy which focuses on why an individual is addicted to substances rather than fixing the addiction.

The recovery process at a luxury rehab facility for executives relies on the person’s willingness and drive to commit to the treatment process. When an executive client buys into the treatment process; it is incredible what can be accomplished in 28-days.

Doing exercise, eating healthy meals and using spa treatments which rid your body of harmful toxins is part of the overall recovery process. It promotes a sense of self-worth and boosts your self-esteem.

You’ll feel safe

Luxury executive treatment centres are usually located in peaceful and tranquil settings which invoke a sense of calm and serenity as soon as you walk through the door. The top international rehab centres are staffed with compassionate and supportive professionals who’ll ensure you feel safe and supported for the duration of your stay.

There will also be high security systems in place; usually to keep the paparazzi at bay or unwanted elements from entering rather than designed to keep clients in ‘lockdown’ and trapped at the addiction recovery retreat.

Generally, the type of person who can afford to book into an executive rehab facility expects a high level of privacy and, in many cases, confidentiality and anonymity. The reputation of the best international rehab facilities around the globe rests on their willingness and ability to ensure their guests feel safe, protected and unexposed to public scrutiny.


Famous international treatment centres are often more famous for their celebrity status than their excellent treatment programmes. They’ve been somewhat glamorised by the Hollywood set who’ve essentially stripped down the stigma of booking into a luxury rehab facility; although no-one doubts what a tough and difficult decision it is to see help for addiction.

Many people think drug and alcohol rehabilitation should be tough; almost as though addiction should be punished rather than treated. Rehab is tough; coming to terms with deep-rooted feelings, anxiety and emotions that have been suppressed by alcohol and drugs is never easy.

This doesn’t mean that the accommodation and setting should be uncomfortable and the treatment programme torturous. Leading executive luxury rehab facilities seek to find the balance between a tough treatment protocol and 5-star luxury recovery where the ultimate goal is restoring balance to a client’s life and providing them with tools to manage emotional triggers which lead to disruptive behaviour.



The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has 17 sites throughout the United States; 14 of those being alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers designed to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. Each of the Foundation’s addiction treatment centers provide unique substance abuse treatment programmes and services.


The Betty Ford Centre was established in 1982 by former First Lady of America, Betty Ford, after overcoming alcoholism and an addiction to painkillers. The first and best-known Betty Ford Centre is located in the resort community of Rancho Mirage, California (20 minutes south of Palm Springs).

In 2014, the Betty Ford Clinic and Hazelden merged; forming the nation’s largest nonprofit addiction treatment center, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Treatment approach

Core treatment programs include inpatient (residential) and outpatient rehabilitation. The treatment centres provide specialised treatment depending on patients’ needs including detox, mental health assessment, addiction treatment and recovery services.

The treatment approach combines multi-disciplinary care for the body, mind and spirit with Twelve Step practices for mutual support. The treatment programme is individualised and collaborative and incorporates varying levels and frequencies of care.

Treatment philosophy

The addiction centre’s philosophy is based on the recognition that addiction is a disease and recovery is a new way of living. A holistic approach to your recovery is adopted; providing care for mind, body and spirit.

Celebrity clientele

David Hasselhoff, Keith Urban, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ozzy Osbourne, Chevy Chase, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, Liza Minnelli, Bobby Brown, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash and Alice Cooper

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

The Betty Ford Clinic was one of the first executive addiction treatment clinics established in the USA and has pioneered treatment programmes over more than 35 years. It is also one of the strictest high-profile recovery centres where celebrities and other famous clients are made to do their own chores.



Caron Foundation has addiction treatment centres in Texas, Florida, New York and Bermuda but the main facility is a 100-acre campus with 251 beds in Wernersville, Pennsylvania (USA).


Caron Foundation is a non-profit organisation which is closely affiliated with the Treatment Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. These affiliations allow Caron addiction treatment centres to use the latest research to provide the best treatment for their patients.

The Caron Foundation helps treat both adults and adolescents; many of which are wealthy, famous and have celebrity status.

Treatment programme

The goal is to transform lives impacted by drug and alcohol addiction through proven, evidence-based, comprehensive and personalised behavioural healthcare.

More than just a luxury rehab centre; Caron is a leading provider of integrated behavioral health treatment and address co-occurring disorders which go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. This includes depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders and eating disorders.

Treatment philosophy

Caron’s mission is to ease the pain of individuals and families by restoring health, hope, spirituality and relationships. The centre understands that addiction is complex and it negatively impacts on the lives of everyone associated with the addict.

Caron doesn’t just treat drug and alcohol abuse but all issues related to the patient’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and those of his/her loved ones.

Celebrity clientele

Liza Minneli, Miss USA Tara Conner and Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith.

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

Formerly a resort hotel, Caron is set on a pastoral 110 acres.

Its affiliations with the Treatment Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania allows Caron to use the latest research to provide the best treatment for its patients.



Sundance, Utah (USA)


Cirque Lodge offers luxury accommodation in a beautiful location coupled with a good treatment programme. It’s an exclusive rehab destination; limited to only 16 people at a time.

Treatment programme

Cirque Lodge combines a structured and traditional 12-step programme with therapeutic treatment programmes which includes activities such as hiking, horseback riding, rope courses, gardening, fishing and skiing. The latter adds another layer to the treatment process where exercise and good health is key to successful recovery.

Cirque Lodge provides personalised, effective treatment for drug and alcohol abuse as well as treats co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia disorders.

The luxury treatment centre believes a strong and competent clinical programme combined with a robust 12-step experience provides an effective basis for self-discovery, healing and recovery.

Treatment philosophy

The primary focus is to help each client replace fear and hopelessness with recovery skills that will help them obtain a healthy, joyous, and productive way of living.

Celebrity clientele

Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

Cirque Lodge is located at the base of the Cascade Cirque in the beautiful mountain setting of Sundance, Utah above a famous ski resort. The setting is spectacular and the facilities are outstanding. It’s the “go to” place for many Hollywood celebrities.



The Crossroads Centre is located in the heart of the West Indies on the Caribbean island of Antigua.


Crossroads Centre is a substance-abuse rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol addiction; with 36 beds. It was founded by guitarist/singer Eric Clapton in 1998. He has been assisting with its funding by organising the annual Crossroads Guitar Festival since 1999. Co-founder of the Crossroads Centre in Antigua is Richard Conte, CEO of The Priory Hospitals Group in London.

For twenty years, the island of Antigua served as Erick Clapton’s refuge from his drug-riddled rock stardom. Clapton thought of the island as a safe and serene place where he could begin the process of healing from very devastating life events which included the death of his young son.

Clapton’s vision was to create a treatment centre of the highest caliber to treat the people of the Caribbean and throughout the world. Crossroads Centre has earned international repute as a centre of excellence for drug and alcohol rehabilitation since it opened its doors in 1998.

Treatment approach

The Crossroads Centre follows a 12-step recovery programme coupled with holistic therapies to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. The privacy and quality of care attracts individuals from all over the world.

The drug and alcohol treatment centre in Antigua is a not-for-profit organisation. Its ‘Model of Recovery’ sees patients through a 29-day treatment programme and for at least two years after leaving the luxury rehab centre; its clients are supported by its Alumni Coordinator.

Treatment philosophy

The 12-step programme is not an antidote for addiction but provides guidelines for total personality transformation and spiritual remedy. Spiritual serenity is key to the centre’s treatment philosophy; where clients are provided with a healing and serene environment to participate in a structured residential programme that allows them to experience a whole person wellness approach to their recovery.

Celebrity clientele

Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Colin Farrell, Billy Joel

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

The beachfront treatment centre offers an exclusive retreat in a tranquil, serene environment. Eric Clapton says, “It really has been one of the only places on earth I’ve found where I can completely discard the pressures of my life and blend into the landscape.” London-born Clapton calls the land of Antigua his second home.

Eric Clapton has given so much back to Antigua to reward them for offering him a place of solitude and peace away from his drug-riddled rock lifestyle. It was his intent that one-third of the beds at the Crossings Centre would be reserved for the people of Antigua. As of 2013, about 15 percent of bed nights go to the poor people of the island and Barbuda.

DARA Rehab


Koh Chang, Thailand


DARA Thailand was the first addiction rehab facility in South East Asia and is included on the list of the top international treatment centres in the world. It’s located on the tropical island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand and offers guests luxury accommodation and excellent recovery treatment in a spectacular setting.

The luxury addiction clinic offers an all-inclusive addiction treatment which is focused on the mind, body and soul. The Thailand rehab centre employs English-speaking professionals. It’s fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health and is subsidised by its founders.

Treatment programme

DARA Rehab follows a NON-12-step recovery programme and is only one of a few who steers away from the traditional treatment programme. It also offers a ‘variable’ programme meaning the length of stay is dependent on each client’s individual clinical needs, progress in treatment and compliance with the treatment assignments.

DARA Rehab’s “Integrated Cognitive-Behaviour Treatment (ICBT) Model” makes use of a variety of clinical interventions designed to produce positive outcomes. The executive treatment centre also deals with ‘dual diagnosis’ where someone battling substance addiction often presents with other disorders such as clinical depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.

DARA Rehab is not a primary mental health centre but its world-class holistic approach allows the addiction rehabilitation centre to manage and treat both the client’s addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues simultaneously.

Treatment philosophy

DARA Rehab believes in every client’s ability to recover and believes in you as a unique individual. Who the person is and what they need to help their recovery process is at the forefront of everything the staff at DARA Rehab do. They believe in a client’s right to choose their own recovery path and in the incredible power they have in them to change.

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

DARA Rehab’s outstanding success rate with mind, body and soul addiction treatment has led to DARA being featured on international TV networks such as Discovery Channel, CNN and TLC.

Staffed by full-time, internationally certified therapists, DARA is one of the world’s most affordable and cost effective luxury rehabilitation facilities. A comparable level of care anywhere in the world can cost from three to six times more.



Malibu, California (USA)


Passages is an exclusive rehab destination that accommodates up to 12 discerning clients at a time. Passages Malibu was the first of two Passages clinics in America, both founded by father and son team Chris and Pax Prentiss following Pax’s struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

Pax Prentis finally discovered why he constantly failed at drug and alcohol rehab and found himself moving in and out of luxury treatment centres. In his words, he received antiquated treatment based on the ‘addiction is a disease’ concept and the 12-step method which focused on group therapy instead of individual care. Pax says the resources available to him provided zero to little therapy to help him discover the “why” behind his using.

Together with his long-suffering father, Pax Prentiss re-imagined the kind of programme that focused on him as an individual, offered lots of one-on-one therapy, did not advocate the “addiction is a disease” belief and did not look at him as an addict but rather as a person who needed to heal his core issues.

The father and son duo created their own addiction treatment programme that is now the successful Passages recovery model. Almost two decades later, Pax Prentiss is proudly sober.

Chris and Pax Prentiss were so moved by the power of the programme they created, they decided they’d share it with the world. They founded Passages and have helped thousands of clients find their “why” and restore balance in their lives.

Passages is an exclusive luxury rehab facility where patients are viewed as individuals and treated in a 5-star premier setting in a 10-acre property which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. They can take advantage of numerous leisure facilities such as a gym, two swimming pools and basketball and tennis courts. They also enjoy gourmet meals freshly prepared by Passages’ in-house chef.

Treatment programme

What makes Passages stand out from other rehabilitation clinics is its unique treatment programme. Dubbed as “one of the most innovative drug and alcohol treatment centres in the world”, Passages steers clear of the traditional 12-Step approach and instead uses holistic methods of treatment with an emphasis on one-one-one counselling.

They focus on addiction ‘not as a disease’ but as a symptom of an underlying issue. Based on this philosophy, Passages uses an individualised programme where the client works with ten therapists.

The treatment approach at Passages was a long overdue revelation, and now many other luxury rehab centers are emulating their successful formula.

Passages promise you a completely customised treatment plan in unrivaled comfort and luxury with the personal attention you need for effective healing and recovery.

Treatment philosophy

Crucially, the founders of Passages do not view addiction as a disease; rather they believe addiction is something that can be cured by focusing on the patient’s underlying issues. Through their own traumatic experience with drug and alcohol addiction, the father and son team view drug and alcohol dependency as the result of one or more of the following four causes:

  • chemical imbalance

  • unresolved events from the past

  • beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true

  • inability to cope with current conditions

Through extensive research and direct experience, Chris and Pax Prentiss have learned that addiction is not the primary problem but rather the symptom of a deeper underlying issue.

At Passages, the team has found the most permanent, effective and efficient way to heal is to figure out the “why” behind substance abuse.

Celebrity clientele

Mel Gibson, Andy Dick, Polly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, David Hasselhoff

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

Passages offer a unique revolutionary treatment approach which is rarely found at the top international treatment centres. Clients do not find themselves in the ‘cookie cutter’ mill; instead the benefit from the painful insight and knowledge accumulated in the battle to save Pax Prentiss’ life from addiction.

The addiction programme tackles all angles of addiction and focuses on the healing process which starts when a client clearly identifies “why” they use alcohol and drugs to mask painful trauma and emotions.

The stunning setting and exclusivity add to the appeal of Passages in Malibu. Only 12 guests are allowed at once in the 15 500-square foot house.



Kent, England (United Kingdom)


PROMIS is a luxury rehabilitation centre located in the beautiful countryside of England. The large converted farmhouse is set in three acres of farmland and surrounded by forests.

Treatment programme

The exclusive residential treatment clinic provides clients with an chance to get away from the distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and a chance to recuperate in a safe and sober environment. The focus is on health and fitness as well as mental and spiritual well-being.

Specific treatments based on proven and effective methods are offered for patients in need of individual care with associated problems relating to depression, alcohol abuse, stress, the whole spectrum of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overeating), drug dependency (including prescription medication), pain management, anxiety, burnout, relationship difficulties, gambling, OCD and other addictive or compulsive behaviours.

The addiction treatment programme at the luxury rehab clinic is rigorously researched and includes evidence-based modalities such as CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. In addition, PROMIS offer the most comprehensive approach including SMART Recovery® and Minnesota Model treatment with a personalised and gentle detox.

Treatment philosophy

The team at PROMIS promise never to give up on a patient even if that patient has given up on themselves. It’s an enduring belief of the luxury rehab facility in England that there is always a way into recovery and it’s the job of its team of professionals to show a patient how to get there.

Celebrity clientele

Amy Winehouse

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

Exclusivity and its location make it one of the most sought-after rehab destinations in the UK. The beautiful residential treatment center lies nestled in a tranquil countryside setting; surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve.

Recovery can also take place at a second luxury rehab location and the client’s treatment programme is modified during the course of the programme so he/she can enjoy the unique experience each private rehab facility has to offer.



Malibu, California (USA)


Promises Malibu is one of two Promises executive rehab facilities in the United States. It houses up to 24 patients at a time and boasts a long list of celebrity clients. It’s regarded as a world-leader in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and the first centre of its kind in the UK to address a patient’s underlying emotional and spiritual trauma as well as their addiction.

Treatment programme

The treatment programme followed at this luxury rehab facility in California is called the Malibu Model; however, each client’s drug and alcohol treatment plan is different and modified to their individual needs and circumstances.

Promises Treatment Centres make sure you stay engaged in the treatment programme with a wide selection of evidence-based, alternative and experiential therapies. Depending on the treatment center you choose, you might find yourself interacting with horses in equine therapy, expressing yourself through art or music therapy, tapping into your spiritual side in yoga and meditation or role-playing past and future scenarios with other clients in psychodrama sessions.

Promises also works closely with family members and loved ones affected by addiction; the luxury treatment centre offers intensive family programmes where family members and partners spend the entire day or weekend at the centre and receive professional guidance, family therapy and support.

Treatment philosophy

Promises Treatment Centre makes a promise to its clients to give them evidence-based treatment in a caring and supportive environment. They promise to make a lasting change in your life by treating each person as an individual and tailoring their treatment to their personal needs.

Celebrity clientele

Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey, Jr., Andy Dick, Charlie Sheen, Matthew Perry, Britney Spears, Christian Slater, Diana Ross, Tim Allen, Ben Affleck

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

Exclusivity and luxury is guaranteed considering it’s one of the most expensive international treatment centres in the world and favoured by the elite Hollywood set.



The Meadows Clinic is nestled in the serene Sonoran Desert in the town of Wickenburg, Arizona (USA).


The Meadows Clinic is one of the leading treatment centers in the United States for addiction and psychological trauma. The therapy programme at the executive drug and alcohol rehab centre was created by Pia Mellody, a leading authority in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and an internationally-recognised expert on dependency and recovery as well as co-dependency.

The Meadows Clinic has treated more than 20 000 clients in 35 years and is highly regarded for its treatment of trauma-based alcohol and drug addiction as well as sex addiction, panic and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, co-dependency, depression, bipolar disorder and eating disorder.

Treatment programme

The Meadows Clinic follow a 12-step treatment programme which includes individual and group meetings as well as an array of holistic therapeutic treatments such as equine therapy, art therapy, spirituality counseling and yoga.

The Senior Fellows, led by Pia Mellody, work together to ensure that The Meadows Model is the most clinically comprehensive and nurturing programme available today while incorporating the most advanced research in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Our ongoing research on the effects of trauma on the brain provides The Meadows with cutting edge, research-supported treatment methods.

Treatment philosophy

The Meadows Clinic follows an holistic approach which focuses on healing the whole person, including the underlying issues that impact of a person’s well-being and trigger disruptive behaviour which leads to alcohol and drug addiction.

The Senior Fellows of The Meadows Clinic believe successful treatment combines powerful and unique methodologies that enable support, discovery and healing. Each patient is viewed as unique and the team works to create a personalised patient treatment plan that combines multiple therapies to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth.

Celebrity clientele

Tiger Woods, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Selena Gomez, Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, Donatella Versace,

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

A team of Senior Fellows constantly challenges The Meadows to excel and stay current in their treatment programmes. This outstanding group of leaders, teachers and thinkers is led by Pia Mellody.

Each Senior Fellow is involved in world-wide practice and research in their area of expertise including lecturing patients on clinical works, publishing works in numerous professional publications and providing their teachings and expertise to the patients and therapeutic staff at The Meadows.



Roehampton, United Kingdom


When you think of famous international drug and alcohol treatment centres, the name Priory is most like to pop into your mind. It’s made famous by the high-profile celebrities who choose to seek help at the luxury rehab facility for substance addiction. It’s one of the leading treatment centres in Europe and the most famous rehab institution in the UK.

The Priory Group has 250 treatment sites ranging from mental health and addiction treatment clinics to neuro-rehabilitation services and care homes. The facility in Roehampton was founded in 1980 and was formerly the Priory Hospital; the longest established psychiatric hospital in London.

Treatment programme

The addiction treatment programme at The Priory is managed by an expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nursing sisters and other highly trained mental health and addiction professionals. Clients receive the highest standard of care in a safe and sober environment.

The Priory focuses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is a type of ‘talking therapy’ aimed at helping people open up about their addictions and to manage their problems by changing the way they think.

The drug and alcohol rehab programme is underpinned by the renowned 12-step Model which is an abstinence-based approach that was first popularised by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The 12-Step model provides a set of guiding principles for the addiction treatment journey and focuses on your motivation to change your unhealthy thought patterns and addictive behaviours, whilst also drawing upon elements of spirituality within the treatment and recovery process.

The Priory offers a free addiction assessment, medically-assisted detoxification, individual and group therapy sessions, family and couples programmes and free aftercare and family support for 12 months following treatment which is provided through Priory Hospital Roehampton and The Manor Clinic.

Treatment philosophy

The Priory recognises that addiction is treatable and the most important first step is seeking help for addiction. Clients are placed at the heart of their addiction treatment journey and benefit from a bespoke programme which is modified to individual needs and circumstances.

Celebrity clientele

Katie Price, Kate Moss, Ant McPartlin, Lily Allen, Paul Gascoigne, Sinead O’Connor, Amy Winehouse

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

The Priory in Roehampton was built in 1811 as a private home and turned into a hospital in 1872. It’s London’s oldest private psychiatric hospital. The Priory Group is a long-established organisation with a prestigious history. It has developed an unrivalled reputation for delivering a real and lasting difference for each individual who enters its addiction treatment centre.



Byron Bay, Australia


The Sanctuary is one of the most luxurious private rehabilitation centres in the world and has received international acclaim for the service it provides. It offers treatment for addictions, eating disorders and mental issues on a strictly one-to-one basis, and patients are able to bring their pets from home to stay with them during their therapy.

Patients stay in beach-front bungalows and have access to services such as a private chef, chauffeured limousine, acupuncturists, yoga teachers and fitness instructors.

Treatment programme

The exclusive addiction treatment centre works on a one-to-one basis and deals with a wide range of addiction and mental health conditions. Essentially, you have the devoted attention of an integrated management team of up to 12 to 15 professionals who are dedicated to your recovery. The Sanctuary offers one of the most comprehensive models available.

The cornerstone of The Sanctuary Byron Bay treatment model is a holistic, individually tailored program combining medical review, intensive psychotherapy, bodywork, body alignment, rejuvenating meditation practices and nutrition to restore every part of you to health.

Clients enjoy complete privacy and confidentiality and therapy is strictly on a one-on-one basis. You will never meet another client or be asked to participate in groups although you still enjoy the support, mentorship and company of a carefully selected 24-hour support team which includes carers, personal trainers and chefs.

Treatment philosophy

The Sanctuary believes that to be truly healthy every part of you needs to be aligned in harmony. Achieving physical, mental and emotional health is a holistic endeavour. At The Sanctuary Byron Bay, you are the sole focus of each treating clinician.

Celebrity clientele

The Sanctuary in Byron Bay is so private it doesn’t even have a regular address. It attracts celebrities, CEO’s, troubled trust fund kids, oil barons and the international elite who travel for luxury rehab for help dealing with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental illness.

Why it’s one of the best luxury rehab centres in the world

The Sanctuary in Byron Bay has earned international repute for unparalleled discretion and privacy.


Travel for rehab is a trend that has emerged in the past decade where destination rehab centres are sought-after options for recovery and the treatment of addictions. This means travelling for rehab to countries like South Africa, Thailand and Spain for short-stay or long-stay addiction treatment.

Destination rehab offers 5-star accommodation in a spectacular setting coupled with a world-class treatment programme and unique destination experiences – all for the fraction of the cost of mainstream luxury rehab centres. The reason travelling for rehab to these countries is highly affordable; largely because of the strength of the US Dollar to the country’s currency.

You can get up to 4-weeks’ treatment for the same price you’d pay for 1 week at one of the best international rehab centres in the US, UK and Europe. And what you get at destination rehab centres is on par, if not significantly better because of the cultural and adventure experience.

It’s often easier to book a place in a luxury rehab centre in places like South Africa and Thailand; where the waiting list is often very long at the leading addiction centres elsewhere.

Over and above affordability, there are a number of reasons why it’s a better option to travel for luxury rehab.

The benefits of travelling for rehab

Removing yourself from your usual environment to seek treatment can be immensely rewarding; particularly if it means putting some distance between yourself and your business and personal environment which might be emotional triggers for addiction.

When you travel for rehab it shows a real commitment to your recovery process and the desire and intention to make a positive change. It opens you up to new landscapes, new people and different cultural beliefs which almost always inspire a renewed interest in life.

Travel changes you. That’s because leaving all that you know behind and stepping into the unknown gives you a powerful opportunity for transformation and treatment requires you to transform.

For some clients, particularly those from the Middle East and Asia; seeking treatment in their home countries is often not an option due to cultural norms and the stigmatization of alcohol and drug addiction. Travelling for rehab takes you far from your home environment and allows you to be present in your recovery journey without worrying about your social standing in your community.

Privacy and exclusivity add to the appeal of destination rehab. You can slip away quietly and immerse yourself in a safe and sober environment away from prying eyes and the media.

Luxury rehab at exotic destinations like Thailand offer you ultimate peace and tranquility. Executive treatment centres in South Africa give you the chance to soak up the healing powers of nature on serene safari tours of the Kruger National Park.



Si Racha, Thailand


Hope Rehab Thailand is a purpose-built rehab facility located in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of a small Thai town called Si Racha. The original site and stately buildings were built as a luxury weekend beach house for an elite Thai family.

The large estate was graciously donated by the Thai Consulate General of Monaco. The beautiful tropical grounds spread across almost 3 acres of land and is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle. The purpose-built treatment centre comprises 14 buildings all nestled in the peaceful confines of the estate with a protective stonewall perimeter.

The Thailand rehabilitation centre is well off the beaten track and privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed. The luxury addiction treatment centre offers international travellers a safe, peaceful and tranquil environment to heal.

Hope Rehab Thailand is a fully-licensed and internationally-acclaimed drug and alcohol treatment centre offering a comparable world-class service at a fraction of the cost.

Treatment programme

The addiction treatment programme at Hope Rehab Thailand is intensive. The counsellors pack in as many therapeutic activities as is healthy to ensure you get the best value for your money and the best recovery experience.

Hope offers primary and second stage treatment programme. Primary treatment involves advanced addiction treatment which includes cognitive behavioural therapy coupled with holistic therapeutic treatment such as a health and fitness regime, meditation for mindfulness and psychodynamics.

The second stage programme includes learning to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) to Thai children and doing voluntary work in impoverished communities. These experiences usually have a profound effect on a client’s recovery process.

A holistic treatment programme is managed by a fully qualified and highly experienced team of professionals with vast experience in the field of addiction. Hope Rehab Thailand understands that addiction is often linked to depression and anxiety as well as past traumatic events which is why they treat the whole person using a treatment plan modified to a person’s individual needs and circumstances.

The addiction rehabilitation centre combines the latest research into the treatment of addiction with proven therapy techniques, fitness regimes and traditional healing therapies such as reflexology, acupuncture and shiatsu.

Treatment philosophy

The three main pillars of the Hope Rehab addiction treatment programme are therapy, mindfulness and fitness.

Therapy ranges from cognitive behaviour therapy to running in the mountain, chanting at a Buddhist temple or having a group session on the beach.

Mindfulness is about immersing yourself in the present. It is an ancient Buddhist technique and a natural part of the lives of the local people of Thailand. You’re in the perfect environment in Thailand to practice mindfulness.

Fitness has been scientifically proven to enhance the recovery process and involves rebuilding your life on a platform of healthy habits in body, mind and soul.

Why it’s one of the best destination rehab centres in the world

Hope Rehab Thailand does not approve of the concept of luxury rehab as it is believed to be the wrong approach to addiction treatment. Humility and modesty are key components for successful recovery based on this three pillars of therapy, mindfulness and fitness.

However, Hope Rehab Thailand does offer a world-class treatment programme in an incredible tropical setting. The accommodation is clean and comfortable but what makes it an unrivalled rehab destination is its serene environment and connection to the healing powers of ancient eastern therapy.



Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Cabin Chiang Mai has been a sought-after destination rehab facility for many years for international clients wanting to get far away from their busy lives to heal and recover in a stunning tropical island setting. The Cabin is located a short 10-minute drive from the provincial capital of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand; although it’s lush riverside setting offers complete privacy, peace and tranquility.

The Cabin is the ultimate luxury rehab facility with 50 beds spread across two sites, just a 3-minute drive apart. The setting is stunning and facilities are world-class but this doesn’t mean that the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre is light on recovery.

In fact, The Cabin is renowned for offering one of the most comprehensive and successful addiction programmes in the world. They are so confident about the effectiveness of their programme, clients are offered a one-of-its-kind refund if they wish to exit the treatment programme after the first 7 days.

Treatment programme

The Cabin offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance addiction with a strong emphasis on routine, fitness and mindfulness. The addiction facility uses a unique combination of modern cognitive behavioral therapy and the traditional 12-steps programme which is combined with the benefits of ancient eastern therapy such as reflexology, shiatsu, yoga and meditation.

Offsite weekend activities is what makes a stay at The Cabin so appealing. It includes elephant rides, whitewater rafting, walks in the rainforests, snorkeling at the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium. There’s a focus on community service and clients are encouraged to volunteer at a local orphanage. It’s an incredible way to immerse yourself in the local community, absorb the cultural experience and gain some perspective on your life.

Clients have the freedom and flexibility to stay connected with their business and loved ones but rule infractions are handled with “tough love” and in some cases, “zero tolerance”. The no-nonsense approach to the recovery process resonates with some and is off-putting for others but the addiction centre’s success rate is testimony that it works. View prices and costs.

Treatment philosophy

The Cabin understands that when it comes to successful, lifelong recovery; addiction treatment is just the beginning. The ancient healing powers of meditation, mindfulness and serene spirituality are part of an all-encompassing programme designed to heal mind, body and soul.

Celebrity clientele

Pete Doherty, Michael Barrymore, Nathan Baggaley, Cat Marnell, Grant Denyer, Gail Porter, Kate Moss, James Argent, former Babyshambles guitarist Patrick Walden

Why it’s one of the best destination rehab centres in the world

The Cabin Chiang Mai is often called the “Betty Ford Clinic of Asia”. It has earned itself a formidable reputation as a leading substance addiction treatment centre but is layered with the spiritual embodiment of the eastern culture. It offers unique experiences in an exotic location coupled with an all-encompassing treatment programme.



White River, South Africa


White River Manor Wellness Centre is an executive rehab destination in South Africa located in the picturesque town of White River in the Lowveld; a lush agricultural valley in the heart of Mpumalanga. The town of White River is the gateway to the iconic Kruger National Park and premier private game reserves in the Greater Kruger National Park as well as incredible destinations in Mozambique and Swaziland.

The luxury long-term rehab centre offer 5-star facilities and a world-class treatment programme coupled with unique experiences designed to restore balance in your life. This includes a safari tour of the Kruger Park, interacting with elephants, hiking in beautiful mountains and cycling or walking through lush bushveld surrounds.

The luxury rehab destination lies nestled in a 100-year old garden on a 8-hectare property. It’s an idyllic environment which offers you peace and tranquility and where privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed. White River is the safari hub of South Africa and the outdoor adventure playground; the list of things to see and do in the Mpumalanga region offers clients incredible experiences.

Treatment programme

White River Manor Wellness Centre is a therapeutic community-based luxury rehab centre which offers a comprehensive treatment programme modified to the individual needs of discerning professionals in need of specialised treatment for various dependencies.

Fitness, health and spiritual well-being is central to the treatment programme; where discerning clients are offered a safe and sober environment to heal mind, body and soul as well as unique experiences which provide them with a much-needed break free from destructive behaviour and offers a fresh start on life.

White River Manor follows an integrated approach where clients are allowed their laptops and cell phones; clients have the freedom to stay connected with colleagues and loved ones or they can take a complete break from their responsibilities. There is a business centre on the property with free Wi-Fi and video conferencing facilities or you can opt to work in the comfort and privacy of your private suite.

The integrated approach is based on the understanding that high-end clients cannot cut themselves off completely from their business and family. This approach also enables a smooth and effective transition back to your new life when you leave the sanctuary of the therapeutic community.

Treatment philosophy

White River Manor firmly advocates that the root of recovery lies in having a healthier, more active lifestyle. Where there is buy-in to a individually-focused treatment programme and the willingness and drive to commit to their recovery; a client can have a life-changing experience in a short period of time.

Why it’s one of the best destination rehab centres in the world

White River Manor offers 5-star facilities and a world-class treatment programme in an incredible location in the heart of the safari hub of South Africa; at the fraction of the cost of an international luxury rehab centre.

This is largely due to the strength of the US$ against the South African Rand and the fact that the cost of living in South Africa is relatively cheap.

Unique experiences in one of the most beautiful regions in southern Africa coupled with an emphasis on fitness and health as well as the undivided attention of a professional team all contribute significantly to your recovery and finding balance in your life.

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