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The Five Stages of Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is a problem that kills millions of people every year. Statistics from the World Health Organisation show that an average of 3.3 million people die every year of alcohol abuse and 31 million people have drug use disorders.

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Social Anxiety Disorder

How to overcome social anxiety disorder

According to Psychologist Hans Eysenck, there are two main personality types - there are the introverted characters, and those who lean more towards extraversion. Introverts tend to experience life in more subjective realms and prefer their own company over the company of others, while extroverts live in opposition to this.

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Modern-day Addictions

Top 7 modern-day addictions

Our modern world is a constantly moving place that stops for nobody. From the ever-growing workday to the internet and everything else we currently have access to at the tips of our fingers, humanity has never seen such an addicted time period before.

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Addiction & Alcoholism during COVID-19

Increasing rates of alcoholism and addiction throughout COVID-19

Drug and alcohol usage has skyrocketed across the world, with Australia (49%), America (46%), and Britain (44%) experiencing substantial rises in cannabis usage. In addition to cannabis, other psychoanalytic substances have been used at a higher rate, as well as addictive legal vices like alcohol.

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Personality Disorders

Spotting the signs of a personality disorder

Within the mental health community, personality disorders are defined as a set of mental illnesses involving long-term behaviours and thoughts that are rigid and unhealthy.

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Self-Care Activities

5 self-care activities to try after rehab (and during the pandemic)

People who report feeling lonely are more than twice as likely to also have a substance abuse disorder. Loneliness is an epidemic, and it’s often a major cause of addiction. It’s also a big part of relapse.

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Building Resilience

6 ways to build resilience and why it’s so crucial

Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from difficulties, also referred to as a person being tough, stoic, flexible, and robust.

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Health Anxiety Disorder

5 signs you might be suffering from a health anxiety disorder

Health anxiety sometimes referred to as 'hypochondriasis' is a debilitating mental health condition.

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Uncertainty and Anxiety during COVID-19

How to deal with anxiety & uncertainty in the COVID era

It could be the uncertainty that comes from such as losing a job, a relationship break-up, a serious illness or accident or a bereavement. Or it could be something that has never happened in our lifetime, as is happening around the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Treating Depression

Is rehab good for treating depression?

Many people think rehab centres are solely to help people suffering from an addiction. But in fact an increasing number of people are seeking treatment for depression at recovery and wellness centres such as White River Manor.

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Benefits of Sunshine

The benefits of sunlight on recovery

Numerous studies have already shown that natural light has instant positive effects on our immune system, stress levels and blood pressure. A strong immune system, of course, means less chance of any illness and means the body is stronger if sickness does arise. Here are the benefits of sunshine on recovery.

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Shame and Guilt in Recovery

How shame and guilt affect people in recovery

As unpleasant as it might feel at times - guilt isn't a bad thing. Guilt is associated with behaviours, and the ability to change certain behaviour is what allows people (including those in recovery from addiction), to be empowered.

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Porn Addiction

What are the signs of porn addiction?

In the past 20 years, there has been a growing increase in the number of people addicted to technology. In those years the growth of the internet and the porn industry has made it all too easy for people to look at porn whenever they want.

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Executive Burnout

The major signs of executive burnout

Everyone knows about the dangers of stress. This is especially true for executives who frequently work longer hours than anyone else and under greater pressure. If stress like this persists, it can lead to "executive burnout".

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Toxic Shame

What is toxic shame?

Toxic shame is a deep emotion that causes an intense feeling of inadequacy. If not healed, it can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and uncontrollable anger.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

The benefits of group therapy

Group therapy is a popular form of treatment. It involves at least one therapist engaging with a number of people in therapy at the same time. It has been seen that this type of therapy helps a person to talk about issues with the support of other people who are going through similar problems. It helps with connection to others.

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Effects of Anxiety

What does anxiety do to you?

What does anxiety do to you? What can anxiety do to your mind and body? How can anxiety affect someone's life? What relieves anxiety?

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Enabling Addiction

How to know if you’re enabling addiction

An "enabler" is a person who encourages or allows self-destructive behaviour in another. That means any habit that's detrimental to the person and usually those around them too.

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Executive Rehab Recovery

Helping executives to stay sober beyond residential treatment

Addiction recovery doesn’t end when a person finishes at rehab. Recovery is a lifelong pursuit of positive habit building, maintaining mental wellbeing and avoiding negative triggers that may lead to relapse.

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Stress and Burnout

10 best ways to beat stress

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Drug Addiction

Am I a drug addict?

Drug abuse can cause a variety of physical disorders and have a negative impact on your mental, behavioural, social and emotional wellbeing.

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Smiling & Gratitude

Reasons to smile and be grateful

Children smile around 400 times per day, but as adults, we only smile about 20 times a day. That's not healthy for adults as it's been proven that smiling is good for us.

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Clinical Depression

What is clinical depression?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. We are made to have all sorts of emotions ranging from joy to sadness. They are a completely natural part of life. There's a big difference between feeling a little sad and having depression.

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Tech Addiction

Tech addiction: do you have a problem?

Are you dependent on your devices? Do you feel the need to be in constant contact with others? Do you find yourself obsessively checking for emails, messages, missed calls? Are you continually engaged on social media - mindlessly scrolling for satisfaction?

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Trauma Reenactment

The Reenactment of Trauma

It seems like a riddle: those who have experienced past trauma often put themselves in situations to experience similar trauma. It’s not a conscious decision either. They don’t think to themselves: I will put myself through more pain on purpose.

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Pet Therapy Benefits

How Pet Therapy Can Help Addiction Treatment

Science research has established that daily cuddles with your pet are good for both of you. Just 30 minutes with a puppy positively affects your brain chemistry and changes the bodies stress response. Pet cuddles can also play an important role in improving your physical health and helping relieve anxiety and depression. They can help to reduce our blood pressure in stressful situations, lower cholesterol and increase physical activity.

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Pandemic Stress & Anxiety

7 Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety and Stress During a Pandemic

With the world currently experiencing varying levels of grief, it’s important that mental health professionals continue to spread the message surrounding grief and the many ways it manifests.

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Sleeping Pill Addiction

I Can’t Get No Sleep: Sleeping Pill Addiction

A bad night's sleep every now and then is fine. But when a bad night, turns into a bad week, turns into a bad month. Sleep deprivation starts to take over our lives. We feel tired all day, our work performance drops and we're grouchy with our family.

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Top 10 Reasons for South Africa

Top 10 Reasons Why South Africa Is the Perfect Destination for Rehab

Finding the perfect location for rehab isn’t always easy. For most, it requires an environment that provides enough stimulation without feeling overwhelming or feeding bad habits. There is a myriad of reasons why you should choose South Africa as the ideal luxury rehab destination, such as nature, wildlife, culture, and excellence in the field of substance abuse and burnout programs.

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High-functioning Anxiety

Living with high-functioning anxiety disorder

High-functioning anxiety is not easily detectable, mostly because those living with it continue their day-to-day life and appear to be fine on the outside.

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Childhood Trauma & Addiction

The link between childhood trauma and addiction

Through exhaustive research, psychologists are slowly discovering the reasons and triggers which cause substance abuse and addiction. Research tells us that biological and experiential factors trigger addiction.

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The Importance of Nutrition

The importance of good nutrition for mental wellbeing

You may have noticed that what you eat and drink can lift or lower your spirits. It affects how we feel, think and even how we behave. Some foods are known to lift your mood, concentration and energy levels, while others can have the opposite effect.

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Alcohol is Not the Solution

Why alcohol is never the solution

Alcohol is an integral part of everyday life for many of us. We joke about our intake and the need for alcohol to get us through stressful situations. Mostly, we don’t even consider alcohol to be a drug, in the sense of marijuana, cocaine or heroin.

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Mental Health & Being Outdoors

The benefits of quality time in the great outdoors to improve mental health

Research generously and continuously supports ecotherapy as a key benefit to mental health. In fact, just the suggestion of nature seems to improve human mental health. A study carried out by Mind found that 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outdoors. They noted a change from depressed, stressed and anxious, to calm and balanced.

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South Africa Affordable Luxury

Why Luxury Rehab in South Africa is Excellent Value for Money

Once you have taken the decisive step towards professional help. Your choice of where to undergo treatment should be based on finding a centre that closely matches your rehabilitation goals and offers an encompassing and safe environment.

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Chronic Stress and Anxiety

How to Cope with Chronic Stress and Anxiety

There are many situations that can cause high levels of stress, such as high-pressure executive careers, financial problems or difficult relationships. Often one may lead to another leading to a cumulative effect, with each stressor building on top of the other.

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Holistic Approach to Burnout

A Holistic Approach to Executive Burnout

You have been working at maximum velocity. Long working hours mean you have little time to rest, exercise or sit down to a healthy and relaxed meal. This has been happening over a period of time now, and you feel physically drained and mentally exhausted.

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Luxury Rehab South Africa

Why Choose South Africa as a Luxury Rehab Destination

South Africa has an abundance of diverse and breathtaking scenery, a vibrant culture, and magnificent wildlife: three major factors which influence our wellbeing and inspire us to reach optimum health and happiness. It’s why the country is an exceptional destination for those seeking a successful recovery from addiction, burnout or mental health issues.

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Executive Burnout

Executive Burnout: the Road to Recovery

Although many of us think it’s possible to live on pure adrenalin alone, sadly it’s not the case. A 2018 Gallup study of 7,500 employees found that a significant 23% reported feeling burnt out at work very often or always, and 44% feel burnt out at work sometimes.

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Party drugs

What You Need to Know about Ecstasy

They call ecstasy the ‘love drug’ because it amps up your sensations and people using it feel things at a heightened level; colours, sound and touch. It’s great if you’re clubbing or at a manic music concert because you lose all your inhibitions and can dance and rave all night long. And sex on ecstasy is mind-blowing. But what they don’t tell you is ecstasy also causes deep depression, confusion, severe anxiety, paranoia and other very scary psychotic episodes. It’s a synthetic drug and the short burst of exhilaration on ecstasy doesn’t last anywhere as long as the depressed slump you go into after your crazy night out.

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