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Why Christmas and the Holidays are Hard for Addicts

Glistening lights and colourful decorations spread across the community. Festive music fills the air. The aroma of savoury food tickles nostrils and wafts through the room with feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Smiles and laughter accompany the holiday season as family, and loved ones spend time together to celebrate.

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Working from Home

5 effective ways to stay happy whilst working from home

We have all had to adjust to situations, and things we never imagined were possible this year with Coronavirus the culprit for many of these unforeseen changes.

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Addiction and Creativity

The Truth About Addiction and Creativity

Think of well-known musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, who died way too young from addiction-related causes. Then there are writers, like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Edgar Allan Poe, and Earnest Hemingway. The “Master of Horror,” Stephen King, lived through alcoholism but is sober today: King is the author of 65 novels and approximately 200 short stories (and writing!)

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Adult Children of Alcoholics

Top Ten Most Common Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Growing up in a household where one or both parents suffered some form of substance addiction not only breeds chaos in the moment but can have a lifelong impact on the children involved once they reach adulthood.

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Reducing Anxiety

Top Ten Effective Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is defined as the feeling of being threatened or in danger. It's a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that ranges from mild to severe. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life.

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The Power of Storytelling

Purpose in Pain: The Power of Storytelling in Recovery

Research and anecdotal experience show the power of storytelling in recovery can teach, entertain, comfort, and heal both the storyteller and the audience.

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Grief and Resilience

How Grief Can Help us Build Resilience

Resilience is ‘’the strength and speed of our response to adversity’’. In essence, emotional stability (such as Resilience) is the ability to bounce back quickly after tragedy has occurred.

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Underlying Needs

6 ways to identify our underlying needs

Learning how to identify our needs is an essential step in understanding human motivation, thought, and in some cases, any challenging and unhelpful behaviours someone might be displaying.

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The Importance of Gratitude

How gratitude can make us happier

It was Karl Barth who once quoted that: ‘’Joy is the simplest form of gratitude’’, and he wasn’t wrong.Numerous studies show that having gratitude leads to gratefulness and fullness of life. Those who practise gratitude daily often have better health, a satisfaction of life and tend to be far happier in general.

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Codependency: what it is, how it begins, and how to stop it

The term “codependency” is often thrown around loosely, and it always brings with it a negative stigma. This term may seem straightforward, but it’s actually more complex than it appears.

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Drugs Through The Decades

Drugs and style through the decades

Since the beginning of humankind, it seems that people have been using drugs to change the way they feel. Perhaps it was to keep away tiredness on hunting expeditions or as part of spiritual or coming of age rituals.

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Five Stages of Addiction Treatment

The Five Stages of Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is a problem that kills millions of people every year. Statistics from the World Health Organisation show that an average of 3.3 million people die every year of alcohol abuse and 31 million people have drug use disorders.

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Social Anxiety Disorder

How to overcome social anxiety disorder

According to Psychologist Hans Eysenck, there are two main personality types - there are the introverted characters, and those who lean more towards extraversion. Introverts tend to experience life in more subjective realms and prefer their own company over the company of others, while extroverts live in opposition to this.

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Modern-day Addictions

Top 7 modern-day addictions

Our modern world is a constantly moving place that stops for nobody. From the ever-growing workday to the internet and everything else we currently have access to at the tips of our fingers, humanity has never seen such an addicted time period before.

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Addiction & Alcoholism during COVID-19

Increasing rates of alcoholism and addiction throughout COVID-19

Drug and alcohol usage has skyrocketed across the world, with Australia (49%), America (46%), and Britain (44%) experiencing substantial rises in cannabis usage. In addition to cannabis, other psychoanalytic substances have been used at a higher rate, as well as addictive legal vices like alcohol.

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Personality Disorders

Spotting the signs of a personality disorder

Within the mental health community, personality disorders are defined as a set of mental illnesses involving long-term behaviours and thoughts that are rigid and unhealthy.

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Self-Care Activities

5 self-care activities to try after rehab (and during the pandemic)

People who report feeling lonely are more than twice as likely to also have a substance abuse disorder. Loneliness is an epidemic, and it’s often a major cause of addiction. It’s also a big part of relapse.

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Building Resilience

6 ways to build resilience and why it’s so crucial

Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from difficulties, also referred to as a person being tough, stoic, flexible, and robust.

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Health Anxiety Disorder

5 signs you might be suffering from a health anxiety disorder

Health anxiety sometimes referred to as 'hypochondriasis' is a debilitating mental health condition.

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Uncertainty and Anxiety during COVID-19

How to deal with anxiety & uncertainty in the COVID era

It could be the uncertainty that comes from such as losing a job, a relationship break-up, a serious illness or accident or a bereavement. Or it could be something that has never happened in our lifetime, as is happening around the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Treating Depression

Is rehab good for treating depression?

Many people think rehab centres are solely to help people suffering from an addiction. But in fact an increasing number of people are seeking treatment for depression at recovery and wellness centres such as White River Manor.

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Benefits of Sunshine

The benefits of sunlight on recovery

Numerous studies have already shown that natural light has instant positive effects on our immune system, stress levels and blood pressure. A strong immune system, of course, means less chance of any illness and means the body is stronger if sickness does arise. Here are the benefits of sunshine on recovery.

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Shame and Guilt in Recovery

How shame and guilt affect people in recovery

As unpleasant as it might feel at times - guilt isn't a bad thing. Guilt is associated with behaviours, and the ability to change certain behaviour is what allows people (including those in recovery from addiction), to be empowered.

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Porn Addiction

What are the signs of porn addiction?

In the past 20 years, there has been a growing increase in the number of people addicted to technology. In those years the growth of the internet and the porn industry has made it all too easy for people to look at porn whenever they want.

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Executive Burnout

The major signs of executive burnout

Everyone knows about the dangers of stress. This is especially true for executives who frequently work longer hours than anyone else and under greater pressure. If stress like this persists, it can lead to "executive burnout".

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Toxic Shame

What is toxic shame?

Toxic shame is a deep emotion that causes an intense feeling of inadequacy. If not healed, it can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and uncontrollable anger.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

The benefits of group therapy

Group therapy is a popular form of treatment. It involves at least one therapist engaging with a number of people in therapy at the same time. It has been seen that this type of therapy helps a person to talk about issues with the support of other people who are going through similar problems. It helps with connection to others.

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Effects of Anxiety

What does anxiety do to you?

What does anxiety do to you? What can anxiety do to your mind and body? How can anxiety affect someone's life? What relieves anxiety?

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Enabling Addiction

How to know if you’re enabling addiction

An "enabler" is a person who encourages or allows self-destructive behaviour in another. That means any habit that's detrimental to the person and usually those around them too.

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Executive Rehab Recovery

Helping executives to stay sober beyond residential treatment

Addiction recovery doesn’t end when a person finishes at rehab. Recovery is a lifelong pursuit of positive habit building, maintaining mental wellbeing and avoiding negative triggers that may lead to relapse.

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Stress and Burnout

10 best ways to beat stress

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Drug Addiction

Am I a drug addict?

Drug abuse can cause a variety of physical disorders and have a negative impact on your mental, behavioural, social and emotional wellbeing.

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Smiling & Gratitude

Reasons to smile and be grateful

Children smile around 400 times per day, but as adults, we only smile about 20 times a day. That's not healthy for adults as it's been proven that smiling is good for us.

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Clinical Depression

What is clinical depression?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. We are made to have all sorts of emotions ranging from joy to sadness. They are a completely natural part of life. There's a big difference between feeling a little sad and having depression.

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Tech Addiction

Tech addiction: do you have a problem?

Are you dependent on your devices? Do you feel the need to be in constant contact with others? Do you find yourself obsessively checking for emails, messages, missed calls? Are you continually engaged on social media - mindlessly scrolling for satisfaction?

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Trauma Reenactment

The Reenactment of Trauma

It seems like a riddle: those who have experienced past trauma often put themselves in situations to experience similar trauma. It’s not a conscious decision either. They don’t think to themselves: I will put myself through more pain on purpose.

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Pet Therapy Benefits

How Pet Therapy Can Help Addiction Treatment

Science research has established that daily cuddles with your pet are good for both of you. Just 30 minutes with a puppy positively affects your brain chemistry and changes the bodies stress response. Pet cuddles can also play an important role in improving your physical health and helping relieve anxiety and depression. They can help to reduce our blood pressure in stressful situations, lower cholesterol and increase physical activity.

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Pandemic Stress & Anxiety

7 Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety and Stress During a Pandemic

With the world currently experiencing varying levels of grief, it’s important that mental health professionals continue to spread the message surrounding grief and the many ways it manifests.

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Sleeping Pill Addiction

I Can’t Get No Sleep: Sleeping Pill Addiction

A bad night's sleep every now and then is fine. But when a bad night, turns into a bad week, turns into a bad month. Sleep deprivation starts to take over our lives. We feel tired all day, our work performance drops and we're grouchy with our family.

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Top 10 Reasons for South Africa

Top 10 Reasons Why South Africa Is the Perfect Destination for Rehab

Finding the perfect location for rehab isn’t always easy. For most, it requires an environment that provides enough stimulation without feeling overwhelming or feeding bad habits. There is a myriad of reasons why you should choose South Africa as the ideal luxury rehab destination, such as nature, wildlife, culture, and excellence in the field of substance abuse and burnout programs.

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