White River Manor is open during lockdown in South Africa

White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.

    About White River Manor

    What does White River Manor offer?

    White River Manor is an executive dependency and wellness treatment centre. We offer personalised attention and luxury individual care to discerning professionals. In collaboration with the client, our team of therapists, medical professionals, and addiction specialists work to design a Program to restore the balance between life and the stress of the professional working environment.

    Is it an in-patient Program?

    Yes. White River Manor offers in-patient Programs where clients stay on-site for the entire duration of their treatment.

    What are the benefits of a residential treatment Program?

    The main benefits of our residential treatment Programs are the level of care, compassion, confidentiality and supervision provided by all our staff. With specialist support available 24/7 at White River Manor, we aim to create a safe, healing environment to escape the chaos and distractions of everyday life, allowing you to focus on yourself and your recovery. Our tailored, intensive therapies and structured schedule enormously reduce the risk of replacing one addiction with another.

    How long is the Program?

    The standard Program at White River Manor lasts 28 days. However, most of our clients stay between 28 to 120 days. However, the required time depends on the client’s needs.

    Where is White River Manor located?

    We are located in the quaint town of White River on a picturesque five-star lodge, nestled alongside the river of the same name and set in a 100-year-old garden. Just a few miles from Kruger National Park, it is the perfect setting for a time of personal reflection, combining the natural beauty of South Africa with all the amenities of a luxury Western resort.

    How do you get to White River?

    Most clients choose to fly into Johannesburg (JNB) airport before taking a connecting 45-minute flight with South African Airways to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (MQP). If you like, our staff can arrange a luxury pick-up service from MQP or a special transfer from JNB.

    Treatment approaches

    How do you treat addiction?

    White River Manor specialises in various substance abuse treatments, including drug or alcohol addiction and behavioural addictions such as work, gambling and sex. Please visit our addiction treatment page here to learn more about our addiction treatment Programs.

    Do you treat mental health or behavioural problems too?

    Yes. This is because many people with addictions also have co-existing mental health or behavioural problems that were either caused by their addiction or led to their addiction in the first place. This is why taking an integrated, dual-diagnostic approach to treatment is vital in aiding recovery. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and compulsive behaviours are often common among people with addictions. This is known as a dual diagnosis.

    What is your approach to treatment?

    At the core of our treatment approach is a desire to find a healthy balance in all areas of life. As a result, our holistic approach to recovery takes every element of the client into consideration. We look at the psychology and emotions of a person together with their physical well-being and the spiritual aspects that tie these all together to create an individualised treatment plan.

    What types of therapy do you offer?

    We tailor-make each Program according to the specific needs of our clients, integrating elements from different therapeutic techniques and approaches – all with the aim of helping people develop insight and self-awareness. At White River Manor, we specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and follow a Program designed to help people manage maladjusted thoughts by changing how they think, feel and behave. We also offer dialectical behavioural therapy, pastoral & spiritual counselling, individual counselling, music therapy, family therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and much more. Read more about our vast range of treatments.

    What specialists do you have on site?

    Our staff is made up of a vast array of specialists in the field of dependency, wellness and psychology, including a professor of psychiatry, three clinical psychologists, three dependency counsellors, two counselling psychologists, a trauma counsellor, a social worker, a doctor of EMDR, a music therapist, a spiritual & pastoral counsellor, a logo therapist and an art facilitator. Our team also includes a general practitioner, professional nurses, a personal trainer, a pilates instructor, a dietician and general hospitality staff.

    What does your 28-day Program include?

    Our standard 28-day Therapeutic Programme includes two sessions with a psychiatrist, eight sessions with a psychologist, four sessions with a dependency counsellor, optional step work counselling and four to six hours of didactic group therapy daily.

    Can you provide medical detox?

    White River Manor provides a comprehensive medical detox if needed at a private hospital in Nelspruit. Throughout the detox process, our clients receive daily, specialised support and assistance from our team to make the process as seamless and comfortable as possible.

    How long does detox take?

    The entire process may take anywhere from a few days to several months. This depends on a number of factors, including the type of substance(s), the frequency and quantity, medical history and age and gender.

    Do you offer aftercare?

    Yes. Studies show that continued support after treatment – such as aftercare – is vitally important to sustain healing and recovery. Returning to daily life after any residential care can be intimidating and daunting so all our therapies and treatment Programs offer a full aftercare Program.

    During your stay

    What type of accommodation can you provide?

    We have an exclusive range of accommodations available to meet the needs of our executive clientele, including The Manor Suite, our most luxurious private open-plan villa; VIP suites; and private executive villas. We also have spacious standard rooms with an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and a patio with tranquil views of our garden.

    How many other guests will there be?

    We have the capacity for just 20 clients at a time. This exclusive approach means we can give personal and professional attention to everyone.

    Are meals included?

    Guests can help themselves to three main course meals daily in the dining room (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Our professional chefs prepare fresh, healthy food to help restore essential nutrients to your body. We have an à la carte menu, and options match your dietary requirements.

    What amenities are available to guests?

    All guests receive daily housekeeping, turndown and laundry service, as well as access to complimentary Wi-Fi, our “Milk Bar” (snacks and specialised drinks), a full on-site gym, DSTV in our executive rooms, tranquil gardens and a pool. Onsite activities, mountain biking and trail running, are also available.

    Will I have any contact with my family?

    Yes. At White River Manor, we believe that the family’s role is vital in an individual’s recovery, and we encourage them to be involved in the treatment process from the beginning. Moreover, we ensure that our client’s family members receive regular updates about their loved ones from our clinical team and are encouraged to call anytime.

    Fees and payment

    What is included in the cost?

    All room rates include a full leisure package comprising two adventure activities, Kruger National Park Safari, an elephant encounter, two full-body massages and a panoramic tour.

    Can you add extra activities and treatments?

    Yes. We offer optional leisure packages, including personal training, additional adventure sports, additional spa treatments, helicopter rides, horseback riding, conservation activities and much more. See our pricing page to learn more about our pricing and what’s on offer.

    Will I be refunded if I cancel my stay?

    Yes. But if a stay is cancelled within 5 days before the date of admission, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. If cancelled within the 3 days before the date of admission, a 75% cancellation fee will be charged. If cancelled on the admission date, 100% of the total amount quoted will be charged.

    Will you refund me if I leave early or treatment is not for me?

    Once you have entered into the Program there is no refund of fees paid for early departure of any nature.

    Do you offer any other, more affordable Programs?

    As well as White River Manor, we have another retreat centre: Recovery Centre White River. This is one of South Africa’s most affordable recovery Programs. It offers a three-month Program.

    General queries

    What is addiction?

    Addiction is a physical and psychological disorder characterised by an inability to stop consuming a substance or carrying out an activity, even though it has adverse, harmful consequences. According to Action on Addiction, one in three people is addicted to something.

    What is behavioural addiction?

    Addiction is commonly associated with substances such as drugs or alcohol, but in recent years addiction has been expanded to include behavioural or process addictions. These are addictive activities, such as gambling, sex and love, work, shopping, gaming, eating and exercise.

    How does an addiction start?

    Just as cancer or diabetes are both physical illnesses, addiction is an illness that hijacks the brain and can happen to anyone, at any age and at any time.

    While no single cause can determine whether someone will ever become addicted, several risk factors put someone at risk of developing an addiction. These include family history, genetic factors, environment, the presence of other mental health conditions, childhood trauma or other difficult events, and certain changes in the brain.

    Many people turn to substance abuse to numb unpleasant feelings or cope with challenging life events. However, this doesn’t work and can lead to many complications, such as social isolation, loss of self-worth, and a breakdown in trust in relationships.

    Why are people reluctant to seek help?

    Sometimes, people have not yet recognised that they have a problem with addiction. This could be because of denial or because they are not ready to face their issues and seek help. Other reasons are social stigma, shame, and fear of the unknown.

    What causes people to relapse?

    People often relapse because of a lack of support. Other reasons involve exposure to addictive triggers (for example, bars or nightclubs where alcohol and drugs are usually primary activities). At White River Manor, we emphasise aftercare to prevent people from relapsing.