White River Manor is open during lockdown in South Africa

White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.

    Getting sober through individualised treatment programs at White River Manor

    White River Manor offers a world-class therapeutic program to help people seeking sobriety from substance abuse such as alcohol or drug addiction.

    Co-occurring mental health disorders

    As well as treating substance addiction, we also treat individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders such as depression, burnout and trauma.

    White River Manor

    Nestled within White River’s sublime, quaint town in Mpumalanga Province, White River Manor is an established, exclusive facility for those requiring private treatment for burnout and addiction.

    Our treatment specialists

    Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists all have extensive experience in co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse and are wholly committed to your long-term recovery.

    What your treatment program will look like

    We go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your stay with us at our facility.

    To ensure the safety of all our clients, we go through rigorous screening so that you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and get the most out of your journey with us.

    What treatment options are available?

    White River Manor adopts a holistic approach to healing, meaning that we focus primarily on mind, body and soul recovery.

    To support your journey toward healing, we focus mainly on treating clients struggling with executive burnout, substance abuse, and dual – diagnosis.

    Our clients get treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

    At White River Manor, we do everything possible to maintain the integrity and safety of our clients.

    The integrity of our environment is critical to how drug addiction treatment (and other treatment programs) are delivered.

    Moreover, we take every precaution to maintain a discreet intervention for those struggling with burnout and addiction.

    Protecting your well-being throughout your recovery journey

    Our facility provides a safe and protected environment which forms the basis for a comprehensive treatment program that combines a holistic approach to recovery and advanced therapeutic methods.

    Holistic approach

    The term ”holistic” refers to your whole-body recovery. Such treatments include:

    • Intensive treatments and processes
    • Medical detoxification
    • Art and music therapy
    • Blissful meditation

    Additional options

    Our clients get the opportunity to engage in a world-class therapeutic program. However, they can also take advantage of the wonderful activities that our entire facility has to offer.

    The above includes:

    • Healthy eating and exercise to restore and maintain balance
    • Excellent day trips to the Kruger National Park and the Panorama Route
    • Horse riding or mountain bike rides
    • Indulgent spa sessions
    • Interacting with elephants

    The therapy process at White River Manor

    The therapeutic process begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation with a qualified therapist who, with your feedback, will work out a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your individual needs and requirements.

    You can expect to begin your day with positive eating habits, followed by therapeutic exercise and relaxation.

    Because our treatment plans are made to suit the needs of each individual, we incorporate both individual and group therapy sessions into your day.

    Reflect and process

    You will also get the opportunity to reflect and process all you’ve learned throughout your therapy sessions in quiet contemplation as you work through recovery.

    Our staff at White River Manor, South Africa

    We believe one of our biggest strengths is our people.

    Our team has a shared commitment to delivering compassionate, warm, and professional care to all our clients, and the feedback we receive reflects this duty of care.

    Client feedback

    Our clients often comment on the generosity, warmth, and empathy delivered by the staff here at White River Manor, which makes all the difference to our clients’ lives and reflects on how they maintain recovery

    Luxurious surroundings

    Luxury Room - White River Manor
    Luxury Room – White River Manor

    Our luxurious accommodation and surroundings provide the perfect foundation for recovery.

    Whether you seek sobriety for alcohol or drug addiction, or an executive clientele requiring professional help for burnout, our picturesque surroundings offer an excellent platform to aid your healing.

    Our beautiful garden setting and healthy eating options combined with lots of exercise and sunshine make our facility one of the best in the region.

    Accommodating the needs of our executive clients

    At White River Manor, we have an exclusive range of private rooms available to meet the needs of our executive clientele.

    We offer a range of different suites, including:

    • The Manor Suite
    • The VIP Suite
    • Private Executive Villas
    • Private Standard

    We aim to ensure that our rooms are spacious, discreet and comfortable.

    What makes White River Manor different from other rehab facilities?

    Several things set White River Manor apart from other addiction treatment facilities in South Africa and overseas.

    Not only is White River Manor highly affordable for clients travelling globally, but in terms of exclusivity and luxury, you pay three times less than what you would in other countries like the United Kingdom or the United States.


    Our location is one of a kind.

    Since White River Manor is located at the centre of the Lowveld, the core of safari tourism in South Africa, the most popular safari destinations are easily accessible from our centre (including the historic Kruger National Park).

    In addition, the Lowveld, or Bushveld, which covers nearly forty per cent of the country, is a typically undulating lowland, with ridges rising above the general level of five hundred to a thousand feet.

    The Swazi often refers to the region as ”Lihlanzi”, signifying ”a warm place with trees” in its pristine state, a typical subtropical African prairie.

    Individualised treatment programs

    Our individualised treatment programs are just as unique as our surroundings.

    However, we believe that our environment is an integral component of healing and can profoundly impact how someone achieves and sustains their recovery.

    Therefore, our multi-disciplinary team takes a holistic whole-body approach to treatment, covering all the central aspects of mind, body, and soul.

    Environment matters

    Our picturesque surroundings offer a significant addition to the healing process, with many beautiful places available to visit nearby.

    Collectively, we can offer our clients more than just a standard addiction treatment plan.

    Advanced treatment plan

    White River Manor offers advanced treatment plans that help people recover from various mental health conditions.

    We treat entrepreneur and executive burnout, depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug addiction.

    Additionally, we also treat dual-diagnosis and concurrent disorders.

    To recover effectively, we must address all aspects of your addiction by uncovering the roots of dependency and addressing them through various therapies.

    It is common for substance abuse and burnout to go hand in hand.

    Fortunately, our twenty-eight-day treatment program offers an amalgamation of approaches to help you recover.

    Does White River Manor offer a twelve-step program?

    White River Manor has adopted an individualised approach to the twelve-step recovery program, meaning that our focus on treatment does not get centred around the typical twelve-step model.

    However, we can introduce components of the twelve-step Program as part of your treatment plan if you wish.

    Effective therapy methods

    Effective addiction therapy methods - White River Manor

    Instead of the typical twelve-step model of treating addiction, our clients can benefit from several popular therapies that tackle new-age addiction problems with new-age solutions.

    Such treatment methods have been extensively researched and have shown to be the most effective long-term addiction treatments.

    They include:

    Getting in touch

    If you are looking to get help for substance addiction or burnout, contact a specialist at White River Manor who can help.

    We have a team of therapists, addiction specialists, physiotherapists, and dieticians to cover all aspects of your recovery.

    Please get in touch with us today.