B Proc Law, BA in Theology

Director, Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Giles Fourie

Giles Fourie is passionate about providing the best care for clients seeking a safe and supported environment to help their recovery from substance abuse, anxiety, depression or co-occurring disorders. In his role as director and co-founder, Giles is continually looking at new treatment methods, seeking out the best new practices in the field of addiction and mental health therapy.

Giles studied B Proc Law and has a BA in Theology. An entrepreneur with 25 years of corporate experience, he set up his first business at 21 and has travelled the world in pursuit of his goals.

Having suffered his own demons, Giles decided he wanted to dedicate his career to help others. He has extensively studied the field of mental health therapy and proudly celebrates 15 years of sobriety.

At White River Manor we strive to discover ways of improving our treatment program and finding pioneering methods, which will change the lives of many. Giving clients the opportunity to undertake a life-changing experience” is something that excites and motivates me.

In his free time, Giles loves flying and aeroplanes and has completed his PPL. He is also a mountain bike enthusiast and loves pushing the envelope of endurance.

I am passionate about helping the less fortunate and amongst other initiatives at White River Manor, we run a community-based programme for the less advantaged.


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We have an exclusive range of private rooms available to meet the needs of our executive clientele. Our motivation is to take care of our clients and to ensure their comfort and wellbeing throughout their recovery journey with us.

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