White River Manor

Professional Experience

Decades of professional experience in addiction recovery and wellness restoration.

Our staff component is made of specialist in the field of addiction. We have a dynamic team of professionals consisting of Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Psychiatrists, CBT Expert, Behavioural Specialist, Art Counsellor, Addiction Specialists and Music Therapist.  Our management team has decades of experience in the field of addiction and therapeutic intervention. We also have a dedicated team of professional nurses on site 24 hours a day.

This together with numerous qualified consulting therapists, are here to assist in the process of recovery of each one of our clients. It is our mission and vision to endeavour to impart all of our wisdom and experience into the lives of the clients we serve and for them to leave having been enriched and capacitated to better deal with the challenges they will face.

Our team of professionals, addiction therapists, doctors and specialists design a programme to suit the needs of every client as an individual. We have a capacity of twenty clients and we thrive on being able to give personal and professional attention.

Many of White River Manor’s staff members reside on the property. Amongst the staff that resides on the property is executive staff to ensure that the rehabilitation centre stays well connected and readily available for the client.