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Addiction takes many devastating forms.

It can be defined as any habitual behaviour that you cannot seem to stop doing even though it is detrimental to yourself and/or others.

While most people associate addiction with drugs or alcohol, it can also be what is known as a behavioural addiction. These are compulsive behaviour patterns when someone repeatedly indulges in an activity despite its obvious negative impacts.

One behavioral addiction that has been continually increasing for the past two decades is porn addiction. This is when someone becomes dependent on pornography 

Negative consequences are very similar to those of drug addiction or alcoholism. These include disruption to work, relationships and daily life.

Some people addicted to porn may not notice any significant negative external impact. But they can feel terrible anxiety and shame about their excessive pornography use.

What is known as “impulse control” can be part of the overall problem. This means experiencing strong cravings to engage in a certain damaging behaviour and using it to get a “high” and release pressure.

Porn addiction is an escalating problem

In American alone, around 200,000 people are believed to be porn addicts. In fact, 68 million searches per day and more than a third of all internet downloads are related to porn. A third of porn viewers are women.

Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction discovered that nearly 10 per cent of pornography users wanted to stop using porn – but admitted they couldn’t.

In the past 20 years, there has been a growing increase in the number of people addicted to technology. In those years the growth of the internet and the porn industry has made it all too easy for people to look at porn whenever they want.

Today it can be more discreet and cheaper than it ever was.

Many people are aware that someone they care about has this issue – and it could be that they are enabling their damaging addictive behavior

What are the most common signs of being a porn addict?

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In a 2002 survey by the Kinsey Institute, 80 percent of people using porn said they felt “fine” about it. However, that still leaves 20 percent who do not feel fine about it.

There are several clear signs that porn addiction is a problem. These include:

What causes porn addiction?

Most addiction is an attempt to deal with bad feelings and trauma. There is a strong link between all addictive behaviors and childhood trauma.

Someone who’s suffered sexual abuse or been sexually assaulted may start viewing porn in an attempt to get some insight into certain sexual things. Or to mask feelings and memories that are too painful.

Watching porn can release one of the body’s feel-good chemical dopamine – that leads to a rush of adrenaline, especially during masturbation. Even the mere planning to watch porn can raise dopamine levels.

There are various possible other complex reasons. Our expert therapists are experienced in helping people deal with all major mental health problems including addictions to such as porn.

What is the treatment for porn addiction?

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We always look at the overall physical, mental and emotional health of anyone who seeks help from us.

One of the first beneficial aspects we have here is that we are located in a beautiful tranquil setting in the great outdoors with plentiful fresh air and sunshine.

South Africa is renowned as an ideal country for aiding recovery. We enhance that with the ultimate comfort and luxury accommodation that we have here at White River Manor.

We offer a variety of first-class amenities during your stay with us, including our private gym, coffee shop and relaxing spa.

We have expansive 21-hectare gardens, a sparkling pool, and all around us there’s the chance for nature walks along many extensive trails.

Or take a ride on a mountain bike, play some golf, tennis or go horse-riding. We always aim to give our guests a full South African adventure too. Discover breathtaking views, have an elephant encounter and the unforgettable thrill of a Kruger Park safari.

Then there’s the delicious nutritional food – gourmet meals and the finest fresh ingredients – that we serve to all our guests. This is another important factor for mental wellbeing.

Research on behavioral addictions shows that nearly two-thirds of people with compulsive sexual behavior and more than a third of people with internet addiction have had or still have a co-occurring drug or alcohol disorder. People with porn addiction have a high risk of other disorders.

Our compassionate team will look carefully at all aspects of any problems. Then we have a range of proven effective treatments that we will prepare specifically for each guest.

We fully understand it can seem uncomfortable to talk honestly about certain behaviours and thoughts. But we know the need for confidentiality – and our superb team has helped many people achieve lasting recovery from porn addiction.

Contact us today to see how we can help you or someone you care about.