White River Manor is open during lockdown in South Africa

White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.


    The Link Between Trauma and Depression

    Trauma and depression can walk hand-in-hand. Confronting the aftermath of trauma and the emergence of depressive symptoms is a complex ordeal. The process of overcoming trauma is inherently challenging and can have a prolonged impact on one's mental well-being, extending far beyond the immediate aftermath of the traumatic incident. Trauma takes on various forms, ranging...

    What are the most popular treatments for treatment-resistant depression

    Unfortunately, many people with depression often find that despite adhering to medications and therapy designed to treat depression, their depression symptoms do not improve.  In this case, an individual may get diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression, which is more common than most people think. Treatment-resistant depression Attending counselling or psychotherapy and taking a course of antidepressants...

    What is Cognitive Bias and How CBMT Can Help Treat Addictions, Depression and Anxiety?

    Your brain is a complex matter yet it’s also quite a simple organ, in that it’s capable of reducing to ‘bare bones’ how we view and interpret events and relationships. This is known as cognitive bias and it’s our brain’s way of making sense of an information-laden world and reaching decisions with rapid speed. Everyone...

    What is clinical depression?

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. We are made to have all sorts of emotions ranging from joy to sadness. They are a completely natural part of life. There's a big difference between feeling a little sad and having depression.