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White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.

    5 reasons why you should go abroad for your recovery

    You’ve taken the important first step: you’ve admitted that you need help. The next decision, however, is just as big.

    Choosing a destination where you will feel safe and get the best possible treatment for your addiction problems is vitally important. This could and should be a turning point in your life, so you need to ensure that the facility you choose is right for you.

    With the world an increasingly smaller place, there is a growing trend for health tourism. While this primarily applies to cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants, facelifts, dentistry and so on, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t apply to your mental well-being, too.

    Starting your recovery abroad could have many benefits. Here we take a look at five.

    1. A change of scenery

    When it comes to addiction, a lot of your triggers come from your environment. This is why a change of scenery could be massively beneficial.

    Going to a recovery centre close to home and, by extension, close to the reasons why you drink or take drugs, could damage your chances of a full recovery.

    By contrast, leaving the country (or, better still, going to the other side of the world) takes you out of that environment and allows you to disconnect from the triggers and even the enabling people in your life.

    Overall, going abroad can give you a fresh perspective on your life. 

    2. Sunshine and a sense of adventure

    Graskop - White River Manor

    The link between weather and mental and physical health is well documented. So why not escape the cold and the grey of your home country and head to South Africa?

    Rehab doesn’t have to be something you dread. Heading to the other side of the world could give you the sense of adventure your life needs.

    In addition to the stunning scenery and the broad range of activities such as safari excursions and adventure sports, during your stay with us at White River Manor, you can enjoy the mild climate, and bright skies and benefit from better moods, higher quality sleep and lower blood pressure.

    All of this will ensure that you return home feeling refreshed and ready to start over again.

    3. A fresh start

    Going abroad and putting yourself into a completely new environment removes you from your everyday stresses and temptations. As a result, it significantly decreases the chance of relapse into old habits.

    When you combine your rehabilitation with a trip, the process is more memorable and can therefore be more meaningful too.

    Being in new, unfamiliar surroundings makes it easier to start afresh and to form new, healthier habits that will serve you on your path to long-term recovery.

    It also helps when these surroundings are optimised for recovery. At White River Manor, your comfort is our priority. With luxury accommodations and chefs catering to your every need, you don’t have to worry about anything except for your fresh start.

    4. More affordable

    If money is a concern, but you’re not willing to compromise on luxury or quality of care, going abroad for rehab is an excellent option.

    In fact, facilities abroad often provide much more than their equivalents in Europe or the USA – for a much lower price. Because of factors such as local economy or currency fluctuations, you can often get a better, more personalised treatment plan abroad.

    Not only this, but you may also get access to specific and expert treatments that would otherwise not be available to you in your home country. 

    While standards are often a concern when potential patients look at receiving care abroad, it’s important to note that such facilities simply couldn’t operate unless their standards of care were internationally recognised.

    What’s more, many of the professionals working at international recovery centres such as White River Manor received their qualifications abroad and also have extensive experience working in a global environment.

    5. Anonymity guaranteed

    White River Manor ammenities

    When you’re a high-flying individual, discretion is vitally important if you’re entering rehab for a number of reasons.

    Unfortunately, a lot of unfounded taboos still exist about addiction or seeking help for your mental health. If you’re worried that the ‘news’ could get out among your professional acquaintances, going abroad for treatment could be for you.

    When travelling abroad, you automatically get more privacy. No one will know your reason for travelling and you’re much less likely to bump into anyone you know on the other side of the world.

    Treatment at White River Manor

    As you can see, there are plenty of excellent reasons for choosing to travel abroad for addiction treatment.

    White River Manor can give you that change of scenery that you require. Surrounded by gorgeous countryside, in the heart of South Africa, we offer the best possible place for your recovery in luxury accommodation and with world-class facilities.

    Our professional and dedicated staff offers treatment Programs personalised to your every need. And if you’re worried about readjusting to everyday life on your return home, when you leave here, you’ll be equipped with all the tools necessary for lasting recovery.

    What’s more, our aftercare Program will help to ensure that your recovery stays on track.

    If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re ready and waiting for you!